Members Of NBA Election Appeal Committee Resign Over ‘Mischaracterization’ Accusations Made By Chief J. K. Gadzama SAN

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At least six members of the Election Appeals Committee (NBA-NEAC) have resigned from the Nigerian Bar Association Appeal Committee.

This was made known yesterday after a circulated letter signed by Olufunmilayo Roberts, Esq. , Augustine Ajineh, Grace S. Mamswa, Esq., Herbert Nwoye, Esq. , Huwaila M. Ibrahim, Esq. , Okey Ohagba, Esq. , Matthew Egbadon, Esq. , Stephen Obajaja, Esq. , Rosemary Chinelo Chikwendu, Esq.

The committee members said that Chief J. K. Gadzama SAN had made “uncharitable comments and accusations” toward the members of the committee.

Chief Gadzama, a presidential candidate in the just concluded National Elections of the Nigerian Bar Association had in an earlier petition declined interest in approaching the NBA-NEAC.

“We sincerely believe that the aforementioned persons will not be able to discharge the duties of the Committee devoid of sentiments and biases and hence, present no guarantee of credibility and fairness in administering unbiased decisions and findings. We have attached some screen pictures of displays by these persons in support of Y. C. Maikyau, SAN during the period of campaign activities.”

“The refusal of the ECNBA to allow an election audit which would examine the Election/Result Logs and the platform for the election as requested by our candidate’s Agent, Andrew Agbo-Madaki in his letter dated Saturday, 16th July, 2022 further renders our cause a herculean task if not an impossible one before the Committee, whose duty is essentially factfinding.

“Regrettably, we the members of the NBA-NEAC have taken the collective decision to resign our appointment in order to pave the way for you to constitute a new National Election Appeals Committee in which Chief J. K. Gadzama SAN would have enough confidence to ventilate his grievances against the conduct of the recently-concluded elections.”

Read the Full letter of the NBA Appeal committee below

letter 1

letter 2

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