National Grid Successfully Restored After Collapse – TCN

Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) notes that it remains committed to managing the grid and ensuring grid stability amidst ongoing challenges such as the persistent low gas supply affecting power generation into the nation’s grid.

Our diligent grid controllers work tirelessly day and night to balance the grid and prevent any kind of disturbance amidst challenges. The recent grid disturbance on March 28, 2024, was promptly managed by our skilled operators, with power restoration achieved in some areas within 21 minutes of the disturbance.

We acknowledge the collaborative efforts of the Federal Government, particularly the Minister of Power, who has been working hard to address the root causes of low gas supply. The Minister has held meetings with Generating

Companies (GenCos) and Gas Companies (GasCos) to secure a higher volume of gas supply and consistency for enhanced power generation.

As efforts to stabilize gas supply progress, TCN emphasizes the importance of consistent gas availability to sustain optimal power generation and facilitate easier grid management, reducing system disturbances. It is a fact that low power generation substantially increases grid fragility.

In addition to gas supply challenges, TCN faces various sector-specific hurdles, some impact other players in the value chain, but invariably affect grid stability. Vandalism is a persistent challenge, as clearly seen in the first quarter of 2024 alone, in which five significant vandalism incidents disrupted transmission operations, necessitating emergency repairs and, in some cases, complete tower reconstruction and/or transmission line replacement due to acts of vandalism. These highlight the critical need for increased community support and vigilance in protecting transmission infrastructure.

TCN urges heightened vigilance, for now, particularly in the Zuba area, following alerts of a planned attack on TCN facilities in Zuba. We implore residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities around power facilities in the area to safeguard the integrity of our infrastructure and ensure uninterrupted power supply to all.

Again, we urge everyone, especially those living close to TCN towers nationwide, to please join hands with TCN in safeguarding power transmission towers and cables.

Ndidi Mbah
GM, Public Affairs