Dunchi Lar: NIDCOM Statement About Nigerian Jailed In UAE Over Cybercrime Law

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The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission hereby gives more clarification on the case of a Nigerian lady, Ms Dunchi Lar who was convicted under United Arab Emirates laws for recording and circulating “offensive” video on Social media.

Under the UAE cyber crime law, taking a video or photograph of someone without his/her consent and posting such on social media is an offence punishable with one year jail term or a fine of between approximately $69,000 and $137,000 or both jail term and fine.

Ms Lar made and tweeted the viral video of the UAE official at the Airport.

This law also applies to eavesdropping, recording, photographing, or disclosing audio or video communication of a person without his/her permission, taking photographs or videos of a dead person or accident victim without such person’s consent.

She was sentenced on the 12th of October and has 15 days to appeal the judgment.

Ms Dunchi Lar can still appeal the ruling and has been assured of moral and consular support by the Nigerian Mission in Dubai.

Abdur-Rahman Balogun
Head of Media, Public Relations and Protocols Unit NiDCOM, Abuja.
23rd October, 2022.

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