At the start of this week, the NBA Institute of Continuing Legal Education (NBA-ICLE) under my leadership commenced a free 12-Day Criminal Litigation Series for all members of the legal profession in Nigeria. Our faculty which is drawn from across the Bar, the Bench, and the Academia comprises the most seasoned experts in this field of practice, and their sessions have been extremely practical teaching criminal litigation in a way that the finest legal minds practice it.

Today is the third day of the series and the feedback over the last two days has been overwhelmingly heartwarming. With an average of 7,900 registrants for each session (literally the size of an entire law school set), one could not have imagined a better way of adding value to our members who practice in this area of law.

The training continues this afternoon at 12pm with what promises to be an interesting session on “Case Theories and Trial Plans in Criminal Prosecution and Defence”. Please click here to register for this and other future sessions:

Within the first quarter of this year, the NBA-ICLE has organized various legal education programmes and classes for lawyers across Nigeria. The recently concluded training series on “Intellectual Property Rights, Media and Technology Law” featured some of the best Intellectual Property and Technology Law Practitioners in Nigeria and the feedback from participants more than justifies the efforts that my team and I put into this.

Our objectives are and have always been, to ensure that we add value to lawyers, help build capacity within the legal profession, continue to hone and improve the skills of our members, find ways of ensuring that lawyers benefit from their membership of the NBA and to help lawyers remain abreast with trends and developments across the world that are imperative to the discharge of their professional duties while improving their earning capacity.

I remain grateful to the President of the NBA for his confidence in me and the Board of the NBA-ICLE. I am also thankful to all the members of the Board of the NBA-ICLE for their support and encouragement thus far and recommit myself to delivering on every mandate given to me to serve our profession.

Tobenna Erojikwe
Chairman, Board of NBA-ICLE