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The Nigerian Bar Association Institute of Continuing Legal Education (NBA-ICLE) under the leadership of Mr. Tobenna Erojikwe​ has been receiving commendations and praises from participants since it commenced its 12-Day Criminal Litigation Training Series on Thursday May 4, 2023.

Recall that in a recent publication to all lawyers, the NBA-ICLE announced that it was hosting a criminal litigation training series which would have facilitators such as Justice Bode Rhodes Vivour, JSC (Rtd); Justice Abdu Aboki, JSC (Rtd); Kanu Agabi SAN; Rotimi Jacobs SAN; Dr. James Agaba and several other seasoned experts on the subject drawn from across the Bar, the Bench and the academia.

Some of the participants at the on-going training have had the following to say:

“After the first day of the NBA-ICLE criminal litigation training, my mind has become more open to the fact that interacting with security agencies on behalf of clients can be a painless experience if you know your onions. Thank you to Mr Dox Onyeke, the facilitator, Mr Tobenna Erojikwe, and the NBA-ICLE team for putting together such an excellent session. I’m looking forward to the rest of the training days” – Ovonlen Ebhohimhen, NBA Benin Branch

“The trainings have been most useful. We had to get over 30 magistrates from Kano State into a hall to join the sessions virtually from a central location so they we can with share facilities. This is the kind of training that the State Government would ordinarily have spent millions of Naira sponsoring us to attend. We are grateful to the NBA for providing such intense and beneficial trainings to us for free” – Mr. Musa – Kano

“Special thanks to Tobenna Erojikwe and the NBA for the wonderful work NBA-ICLE is doing. Yesterday’s training on criminal litigation was very insightful. I look forward to Day 2 and all subsequent days of the training on criminal litigation”. – Uche Mbaeke, NBA Enugu Branch.

“Day 1 of the training on criminal litigation was great and very practical. Mr. Dox Onyeke, the resource person, shared deep insights and knowledge that cannot be found in books. I am ready to go for Day 2 and all the subsequent days of the training. – Anthony Ekpete, NBA Yenagoa Branch

“I would love to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Mr Tobenna Erojikwe and the NBA-ICLE team for putting together this training. Regarding day one of the criminal litigation training, I was very impressed with the speaker, and the way he explained criminal litigation to us was spectacular, comprehensive, and relatable. I particularly enjoyed how the speaker addressed the lawyer-police relationship at the police station. I reasonably believe that the training would improve our efficiency in discharging our duties as ministers in the temple of justice. I look forward to the subsequent days of this training” – Deborah Achanya, NBA Minna Branch

“Day one of the criminal litigation training was quite an enlightening session. Thank you, Tobenna Erojikwe, and the NBA-ICLE team, for the good work” – Frances Onwunali, NBA Lagos Branch

“The training exceeded my expectations. Many young lawyers have been yearning for training exercises such as this, and we are grateful to the NBA-ICLE for making this dream come true. Valuable training requires much planning and hard work in order to produce the desired results. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Tobenna Erojikwe and the NBA-ICLE team for putting together this training” – Deborah Ada Okey, NBA Calabar Branch (Doyen Bar)

“The first day of the training in the criminal law series was simply lit from back to back. It is essentially what the average Nigerian lawyer should hear. I loved every bit of the training and going to be very useful through my professional life. The facilitator knew his stuff. Thank you NBA-ICLE for this training” – Dan Whisky, NBA Lagos Branch.

“NBA-ICLE is doing well with the training series. The Criminal Litigation series kicked off well yesterday, with great minds sharing their knowledge and experiences. Soft skills and core skills are essential for the criminal litigator” – Nancy Obinwa, NBA Port Harcourt Branch

“This is a mind-blowing and expository training session on criminal litigation. It’s not just text-book wording but actual practical guidance on how to navigate criminal proceedings, from arrest to interrogation and court proceedings. Thank you to Tobenna Erojikwe and the NBA-ICLE team. This is an invaluable resource, and it is even better that it is being done for free. I am looking forward to other sessions” – Nsirim Omuna-Amadi

“I have had the pleasure of participating in the NBA-ICLE) online trainings organized this year, both those designed specifically for “New Wigs” (but still highly useful for already established lawyers) and the trainings for NBA members in general. I must commend the Nigerian Bar Association under the leadership of Mr Maikyau (SAN) and the Board of the NBA-ICLE under the dynamic leadership of Mr Tobenna Erojikwe for the vision and excellent organization in putting together this exciting programme of trainings. The scope of the topics treated, the depth as well as the calibre of speakers (ranging from Senior Advocates to other established and innovative leaders, judges and academics in their field) is impressive. I have participated in sessions discussing issues ranging from ethical standards to the growing field of technology and law, corporate legal practice, the changing role of the inhouse lawyer, civil and criminal litigation, court room dynamics and intellectual property rights. The speakers have enthusiastically shared an exciting mix of substantive law knowledge and real world experience that cannot be found in any law book. I would highly recommend these trainings not just to young/ freshly graduated lawyers but also experieced hands interested in tapping into new developments in Nigerian legal practice or picking up ideas on things they could do differently or more efficiently” – Dr Nwamaka Okany, Lecturer, Amsterdam Law School, The Netherlands.

The training continues today and any one interested in attending can register using this link: https://tinyurl.com/ymsmcdv2