Tinubu Resting in Europe Ahead of Swearing-in – APC

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Prior to his inauguration on May 29, Bola Tinubu, the incoming president of Nigeria, is now relaxing in Europe, according to a statement released by the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Thursday.

This was confirmed by Felix Morka, the APC’s national publicity secretary, in a live interview.

Morka reports that Tinubu is doing well and will get started right away after returning from Europe.

Morka stated, “He [Tinubu] is probably in Europe. He’s fine. After the elections and all of the energy expended, he just decided to take a moment of rest.

Once he returns and is inaugurated on May 29, there will be no dulling. He’ll be saddled with the responsibility of running a country as massive and complex as Nigeria. I know he’ll be back in the country very shortly.”

Morka also revealed that Tinubu’s rest is a working rest as he is using this opportunity to reach out to heads of government and other levels of leadership of other countries that are vital to the agenda he’s bringing in his new government.

Morka added, “So, he’s not sleeping in his bed; he’s also in meetings regularly with all kinds of people who are travelling from other countries to see him preparatory to his inauguration. So, it’s a working visit.”