President Tinubu Declares State Of Emergency On Food Security

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President Bola Tinubu has officially announced a state of emergency regarding food security in Nigeria.

During a briefing with State House correspondents on Thursday, the President’s spokesperson, Dele Alake, revealed this information.

The President has instructed that all matters concerning the availability and affordability of food and water, which are vital for sustaining livelihoods, fall under the jurisdiction of the National Security Council.

This directive aligns with the Tinubu administration’s commitment to providing support for the most vulnerable members of society.

Alake emphasized that the President is fully aware of the escalating cost of food and its impact on the citizens’ finances.

Additionally, the President has ordered the immediate distribution of fertilizers and grains to farmers and households in order to alleviate the consequences of subsidy removal.

“There must be an urgent synergy between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Water Resources to ensure adequate irrigation of farmlands and to guarantee that food is produced all-year round.” the President was quoted as saying.

“We shall create and support a National Commodity Board that will review and continuously assess food prices as well as maintain a strategic food reserve that will be used as a price stabilisation mechanism for critical grains and other food items. Through this board, government will moderate spikes and dips in food prices.

“To achieve this, we have the following stakeholders on board to support the intervention effort of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu: The National Commodity Exchange (NCX), Seed Companies, National Seed Council and Research institutes, NIRSAL Microfinance Bank, Food Processing/ Agric Processing associations, private sector holders & Prime Anchors, small holder farmers, crop associations and Fertilizer producers, blenders and suppliers associations to mention a few.

“We will engage our security architecture to protect the farms and the farmers so that farmers can return to the farmlands without fear of attacks.”

The President said the Central Bank of Nigeria will continue to play a role of funding the agricultural value chain.

He said 500,000 hectares of have already been mapped land to increase availability of arable land for farming.

Tinubu said revenue from food and agricultural exports would be increased.