Ekiti Chief Judge Hospitalized As Court Wall Collapses On Him

Justice Oyewole Adeyeye, the Chief Judge of Ekiti State, narrowly escaped death on Wednesday when a section of the state high court complex collapsed while he was in his office.

Justice Adeyeye is receiving medical treatment at an undisclosed hospital in the state. The collapse occurred towards the end of the workday, with the judge still present in his chamber when it happened.

The incident is believed to be a result of the structural deficiencies exacerbated by heavy rainfall. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but the Chief Judge suffered severe injuries when a portion of his office collapsed on him.

It required significant efforts from the workers to rescue the judge from the debris.

When journalists visited the Registrar’s office for more information, they were informed by a staff member that the registrar was unavailable and asked to return at a later time.