Nigeria President Will No Longer Travel Abroad For Medicals Says Aisha Buhari, Commissions State House Medical Centre

The recently opened 21 billion Presidential Wing of the State House Medical Centre, according to the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, would remove the necessity for future presidents and their families to travel overseas for medical care.

This was said by Aisha when she attended the facility’s commissioning ceremony on the grounds of the presidential palace in Abuja on Friday along with President Muhammadu Buhari and other guests.

The first lady claims that in 2017, as a result of her husband’s protracted stay in London for medical treatment, she was the one who initially began to cultivate the notion of a presidential wing. Aisha continued by saying that she insisted on a VIP wing being located next to the presidential mansion in the presidential wing.

“I’m quite happy, feeling fulfilled. Though we are leaving, all the same, we thank God that the project has become a reality,” Aisha said.

“I have opted for it for six years now. I initiated this project six years ago when my husband spent three months abroad, consecutively, for 90 days. And it shouldn’t be because we have all the experts in Nigeria. We only need a good platform.

“The hospital that is supposed to serve the First Family is serving like 35,000 people, which is quite much. That’s why I insisted we should have a VIP Wing within the proximity of the presidential villa.”

When asked if the medical centre would eliminate the need for Nigerian leaders to seek treatment abroad, she replied, “Yes! This one is for the health and wellness of the First Family. They don’t need to go abroad now. They only need to maybe fly in experts to help our people. You know.

“So, no need for any leader to spend months and months abroad because of health care.”