New Body Of Lawyers Emerges, Promises Better Welfare

A new group of lawyers, distinct from the Nigerian Bar Association, has emerged and is gaining momentum for its innovative plan to change the way law is practiced in Nigeria.

A new body called the Law Society of Nigeria has announced itself as an alternative body to the Nigerian Bar Association, which has been regarded as the only legally recognized Association of lawyers in Nigeria.

The Body of Benchers Chairman received a letter from the Society’s publicity secretary, Douglas Ogbankwa, dated October 24 and delivered to him through the body’s secretary, Daniel Tela, in which the society introduced itself to the Association.

The letter reads thus;

“The Law Society of Nigeria (LSN) was founded and registered as a national organization of Lawyers admitted to practice law in Nigeria. The LSN. with membership, spread all over Nigeria. exists to empower the legal profession with quality member services (high standards of learning, competence, and professional conduct); facilitate access to justice: maintain and advance the cause of justice: and promote the rule of law, through advocacy and good governance.”

The body highlighted in the letter the executives of the new body which are as follows;

• Kunle Ogunba. SAN President

• Hon. Nimi Walson Jack (Vice President)
• Abdulqadir Alhaji Sani (Secretary)
• Olasupo Ojo (Welfare Secretary)
• Chioma Ferguson (Treasurer)
• Douglas Ogbankwa (Publicity Secretary)
• Zara Umar Yakub (Financial Secretary)
• Alice Ogaku Awonugba (Assistant Secretary)
• Hassan Sherif (Assistant Publicity Secretary)

It added, “Of particular mention is the recent commissioning of the BOB Hall. which is a milestone in the history of both the BOB and the legal profession. In the same vein, the LSN heartily congratulates the Chairman of the Body of Benchers. Chief Oluwole Olanipekun, SAP. CFR as well as several other distinguished members of the Body of Benchers that were recently deservedly conferred with National Honours by his Excellency. the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Muhammadu Buhari GCFR.”

“May we also extend the warm felicitations of the LSN to this foremost august body whose advanced efforts at a harmonized Bill proposing reforms to the Legal Practitioners’ Act must be taken into cognizance and firmly applauded. It is on the verge of these uncommon and necessary reforms in our legal annals and the ageless egalitarian posture on freedom to lawfully associate. that the LAN also writes your distinguished body introducing herself.”