NBA NEC Sacks Aikpokpo-Martins Led NBA-SPIDEL EXCO, Appoints Caretaker Committee

Orders Withdrawal of SPIDEL Court Cases

The Nigerian Bar Association’s National Executive Council (NBA-NEC) has unanimously voted to remove the leadership of the Section on Public Interest and Development Law (SPIDEL). Following this decision, a caretaker committee comprising Ben Oji, Funke Aderemi, Yakubu Philemon SAN, and Eva Amadi has been appointed to oversee the withdrawal of all court cases initiated by the ousted SPIDEL executives.

The motion for the removal of SPIDEL’s leadership was raised during the recent NEC quarterly meeting in Jos by the NBA Gwagwalada Branch and seconded by a co-opted member from the Maiduguri Branch. The motion also called for an investigation into SPIDEL’s leadership and their subsequent suspension, garnering support from other NEC members.

The caretaker committee has been tasked with withdrawing court cases initiated by the ousted SPIDEL leaders, while the NEC has expressed confidence in the NBA Executive Committee, led by President Yakubu Chonoko Maikyau.

In response to the removal of SPIDEL leaders, a NBA-NEC member highlighted the challenge of challenging the NBA President, emphasizing the need for support from a significant majority of NEC members. The member stressed the importance of engaging branch chairmen and noted the strong backing the President receives from co-opted NEC members.

Furthermore, the NBA NEC expressed disapproval of a letter written by some members of the General Council of the Bar to the Attorney-General of the Federation, seeking to be treated as independent of the Nigerian Bar Association. The letter, signed by John Aikpokpo-Martins, was deemed unauthorized by President Maikyau, leading to the suspension of SPIDEL’s activities pending a meeting on February 1st.

In addition, the NBA has scheduled its 2024 National Officers elections for July 20th, signaling a forthcoming transition in leadership within the association.