LAWMA To Seal Houses Without Waste Bins From July 7

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Starting from July 7, the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) will initiate the process of sealing houses lacking waste bins in both Lagos Island and Mainland areas. This announcement was made by Mr. Kunle Adebiyi, the Executive Director of Finance at LAWMA, in a statement issued on Wednesday in Lagos.

The decision to take this action was made subsequent to the agency’s issuance of abatement notices to the affected regions in May. In light of this development, the director strongly urged property owners and residents to ensure the acquisition of sufficient waste bins for their households.

Adebiyi said: “It is crucial for residents to cultivate proper environmental habits and support the efforts of the authority to establish a cleaner and more livable environment.

“By taking action against violations and ensuring compliance, we can create a sustainable environment and help build the Lagos of our dream.”

He said the latest notice would serve as a final warning to residents who are yet to procure the bins and maintain proper waste management practices.

The LAWMA official stressed that the enforcement action was aimed at encouraging responsible environmental behavior and reducing pollution in the state.

“LAWMA’s Enforcement Team will target areas on Lagos Mainland and Island, where violations have been observed.

“The team will carry out thorough inspections to identify individuals, households, or businesses that have consistently neglected waste management guidelines.

“Those found in violation will receive an intention to seal notice, outlining the specific actions required to rectify the situation and avoid further penalties,” he added.