Joyce Oduah, FICMC, Lauds Lawal Pedro SAN at a Celebration Event for his Humility and Dedication to Serve

On Saturday, 23rd September, 2023, at a celebration honoring Mr. Lawal Alade Pedro, SAN, for his appointment as the Honourable Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Lagos State, Mrs. Joyce Oduah, former General Secretary of the NBA, delivered a touching speech.

She recalled a time when she called upon Mr. Pedro, then Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, to help her solve a matter, and he selflessly offered her the assistance she needed without expecting or demanding anything in return. Mrs. Oduah commended Mr. Pedro for his humility and dedication, offering heartfelt wishes for his continued success in his new role.

Her speech highlighted the qualities that have endeared Mr. Pedro to his colleagues and friends, emphasizing his commitment to public service and his willingness to assist others. Mrs. Oduah’s words served as a reminder of the significance of humility and compassion in leadership, leaving a profound impact on all attendees.