Female Lawyer Tortured By Mob In Surulere Over False Kidnap Allegation

A lawyer based in Lagos state was falsely accused of kidnapping the son of a woman in the area where she went to look for accomodation and was almost lynched to death by an irate mob supported by the OPC.

The incident unfolded in Aborishade street, Surulere Lagos State.

She was mercilessly flogged with a Hausa koboko, struck with planks, and subjected to numerous punches and kicks.

Her accuser now in detention even called for her execution right on the spot. The gravity of the situation is further underscored by the fact that Uduak sustained severe damage all over her body.

Thankfully, she was vindicated right at the spot where she suffered this barbaric assault as the alleged kidnapped boy was found and he affirmed her innocence. But she had suffered irreparable harm as a result of this mob action.
What if she had died from this?

Uduak currently needs collective help in getting justice. She is in severe pain as a result of this barbaric incident that happened early Thursday of last week. #JusticeForUduak

In a modern moral society, it is unacceptable to have this level of barbarity from fellow citizens like us. All perpetrators in this evil must face the music.

What if she had died from that brutal assault?
She could be you and me tomorrow. Please help get #JusticeForUduak.

Yesterday, one of the family members of the perpetrator working in the hospital where Uduak went to receive the Xray for her skull where her head were swollen and her two ears busted switched the result of the Xray stating that they found no swelling.

This Xrays were to determine if she suffered internal bleeding. The family of the suspect are furthering their unjust attempt at silencing the victim after this grave inhumanity.

She is still in severe pain till today.