FG Threatens To Sanction Hospitals Refusing To Treat Emergency Patients

The Federal Government has issued a stern warning to hospitals that refuse to provide emergency treatment to patients. Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, delivered this warning on Sunday during the “Unlock Grants Award” event held in Abuja.

This directive follows an earlier mandate given by the House of Representatives to the Federal Ministry of Health, urging decisive action against hospitals and healthcare facilities that decline to treat accident or gunshot victims without first obtaining a police report. The mandate aims to ensure that emergency medical care is prioritized over administrative formalities in life-threatening situations.

Kennedy-Ohanenye emphasized that federal government hospitals will now be required to display signs outside their premises stating, “No more rejection of emergency patients.” This measure is intended to remind healthcare providers of their duty to offer immediate care to those in urgent need, without unnecessary delays or refusals.

By enforcing these measures, the government aims to prevent avoidable deaths and improve the responsiveness of the healthcare system in critical situations, thereby enhancing public trust and confidence in medical institutions.

She said: “Our hospitals will also put a sign of ‘No more rejection of emergency patients.’ These are some of the major issues we have in this country. I am in touch with Maitama Hospital. But now, I have a mobile court for any hospital that does that.

“I use this opportunity to call on all Nigerians to be vigilant.

“Let me also say that I am proud of Nigerians. I love the way they are using social media to tackle issues. But focus and continue to tackle the main issues as you are doing. Keep it up. But this is the time for action.

“Let all of us buckle up to prevent emergency patients from being rejected. I am still going to keep calling on Nigerians. This fight is not for one person alone. It is for all of us.”