Data Base For Private Guards Will Enhance Security – Interior Minister

The Minister of Interior, Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, emphasized the importance of establishing a database for private security guards to enhance national security. He made this statement during the Stakeholders Consultative Meeting on Nigeria Private Guards Industry held on Tuesday in Abuja.

Dr. Tunji-Ojo highlighted the critical role that private security guards play in national development and security across the world. He noted that their contribution to the security architecture of various countries is significant and essential for maintaining order and safety.

Acknowledging the current security challenges in Nigeria, the minister stressed that the country should align with global trends by leveraging the capabilities of private security personnel. Creating a comprehensive database for these guards is a strategic move to integrate them effectively into the national security framework.

“And looking at the industry as at today, we think their potential are under tapped, the effect of the industry in terms of our national security architecture, over the years, had been inactivated due to lack of standardisation.”

“Basically, in terms of policy formulation and adherence to global best practices, in terms of coming up with a data base for productivity and efficiency.”

Tunji-Ojo explained that the development would no doubt, lead to creation of more jobs, better security for the country, both formal and informal sector as well as individuals.

The minister explained further that with the right data base, the issue of some private guards misconduct in their duty posts without being tracked down would be a thing of the past.

“It is difficult for me to leave my family with a guard that perhaps is a rapist, it is difficult to leave my home to somebody I don’t know is a burglar. So, with a reliable data base, it will take off these fears in Nigerians.”

He explained that the meeting would enable the stakeholders to come up with a data base that would make guards friends to the people and make them people of integrity.

It will also enable us to be sure that once somebody comes in as a guard, we are sure their bio-data is intact, and in case if there is any issue

It will enable us track the person and ensure justice is done,“he added.

This, he said, would go a long way to give Nigerians the much needed confidence, knowing that they were not just bringing strangers to their homes in the name of guards.

He said that with a reliable data, every guard would be well known to Nigerians, because it would give opportunity to people for background check before engagement.

Earlier, the National President of Association of Private Security Guard, Dr Chris Adigwu, said that with the right data base, some Nigerians would no longer have the fear of being manipulated by engaging private security guards

In every sector of our national life, there is always best practices, and I believe what we are activating today is a game changer for us. As an industry, we can’t keep on doing the same thing.

“This is an opportunity for us to engage our regulator, in as much as this policy is coming from them and we need it to enhance our operations.”

“We want to compete with our counterparts globally. And this is the right step in the right direction. Over the years, we have issues with verifiable and credible data base of our guards.”

“So, it is a welcome development, and no doubt, it will spur us to keep on improving on the way and manner we have been operating as private guards.”