Burkina Faso: Kabore’s Maladministration Responsible For Coup

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Activists under the Trade Union Unity Action of Burkina Faso have blamed the military coup in the country on the abuse of power that has characterised President Roch Kabore’s administration.

In a statement on Friday, the union said the management of power by Kabore’s regime was marked by poor political, economic and security governance as it questioned the democratic rule under the leader.

It, however, said it is not in support of the coup as it invites activists, sympathisers, and all workers to rise up and challenge the military usurp of power.

The statement reads, “The Trade Union Unity Action of Burkina Faso follows the development of the national situation with great attention.

“Following shootings in certain barracks and various rumours, a group of soldiers announced on Monday January 24, 2022 on national television the seizure of power in the name of the “Patriotic Movement for Safeguard and Restoration”.

”The UAS notes that this situation is the consequence of the management of the country by the regime of President Roch Marc Christian Kabore who therefore assumes an obvious responsibility in the occurrence of this coup.

“Indeed, the management of power has remained marked by poor political, economic and security governance, the failure to take into account, on the one hand, popular concerns clearly expressed on the occasion and following the popular insurrection and on the other hand repeated questioning of the democratic organizations of the country, including the trade unions.

“This has resulted in the inability to guarantee the populations their right to security and to a dignified existence, the large-scale development of corruption encouraged by impunity, the calling into question of democratic and trade union freedoms, in particular the freedom of to demonstrate, the right to information and freedom of expression, the questioning of workers’ achievements.

”In fact, by repeatedly violating the law, the “democratically elected” power was already part of the practices of states of exception and in a way, prepared the bed for the questioning of the rule of law.

”That said, the UAS reiterates its principled opposition to coups. It reaffirms this position and expresses its firm attachment to the respect of democratic and trade union freedoms, to the safeguarding of workers’ achievements, to the respect of the right to life and to the security of populations.

“It, therefore, invites its activists and sympathizers, all workers to remain vigilant with regard to any attempt to maintain liberticidal texts and practices and any attempt to question democratic conquests. and social.

”To this end, they must strengthen their organizations, mobilize to continue the fight for the consequent defense of their rights and achievements in connection with those of the populations in general.”

On Monday, soldiers in Burkina Faso announced on state television that they had seized power in the West African nation.

They declared that the country’s government and parliament had been dissolved henceforth.

They also said they had closed the country’s borders and promised a “return to constitutional order” within a “reasonable time”.

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