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Debbie- Anne Albert is the 17-year old Chief Executive Officer of Edge SmartTech, a company that provides technology solutions to startups by developing cutting edge software solutions at affordable prices. Edge is currently made up of 11 experienced developers, product managers, designers, and project managers. It currently has an expanding portfolio of projects that include web and mobile applications.

She also has a podcast on YouTube called, Hello World Podcast, where she throws light on the broadness of technology and how it has become pervasive in every area of our lives. She uses this platform to encourage GenZ girls to get into Tech and not disregard it, because she believes that the earlier the GenZ generation embraces tech the better for them and everyone. Her Team of Tech advocates is planning to soon commence a school outreach and advocacy project that will expose thousands of teenagers, especially girls, to the benefits of Tech.

As a young Tech enthusiast who has been passionate about technology since she was 13, Debbie-Anne has been intrigued by how software and hardware work together to create amazing products that impact our daily lives. Her passion has driven her to write codes for a Microcontroller Based Bionic Eye for the Blind with Arduino, GPS location drone with Arduino and smaller Arduino projects like a Smart Dustbin, Clap Activated lights, Clap activated fans and Christmas lights.

She enjoys working with new technologies and learning new programming languages. She is proficient in programming languages such as Arduino, Kotlin, Tailwind, jQuery, React, Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript. She is also familiar with databases, web development, and data analytics.

Debbie-Anne has received numerous certifications in Computer Network Security, Robotics and Coding, Web Design, HTML5&CSS3, Professional Ethical Hacking, UI/UX Design and Diplomas in Project Management and Interconnecting CISCO Networking Devices CCNA. She has won scholarships from schools in the USA and Europe to pursue undergraduate study in Computer Engineering and Robotics.

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