Yoruba Group Demands Executive Order on State Police

The pan-Yoruba socio-political organization, Afenifere, has expressed deep concern over the escalating insecurity in Nigeria, renewing its call for the establishment of state police as a solution to the problem. In a statement issued by its spokesman, Jare Ajayi, Afenifere urged President Bola Tinubu to invoke an Executive Order to create state and local government police forces.

Afenifere’s call comes amid increasing reports of banditry and kidnapping in several states, including Ogun, Edo, Ekiti, Oyo, Kogi, Zamfara, and Niger. These security challenges have heightened the urgency for more localized and responsive policing strategies that can better address the unique security needs of various regions.

The organization emphasized that the current centralized policing system is inadequate for tackling the widespread and diverse nature of security threats across the country. By establishing state and local government police, Afenifere believes that security forces would be more attuned to the local contexts and could respond more effectively to incidents of crime and insecurity.

In addition to calling for the creation of state police, Afenifere urged the Federal Government to conduct a thorough investigation into the motivations behind the persistent issues of kidnapping and banditry. Understanding the root causes of these crimes is crucial for developing comprehensive and sustainable solutions that go beyond immediate law enforcement responses.

Afenifere’s renewed appeal highlights the ongoing debate about the best strategies to improve security in Nigeria. The group’s advocacy for state and local policing aligns with broader calls for decentralization and more localized governance structures, which many believe are essential for enhancing the effectiveness and accountability of security operations in the country.

The statement read: “There are indications that President Ahmed Bola Tinubu is desirous of putting an end to this deleterious menace. Towards the end of January this year, he approved the procurement of digital tracking tools to enhance the apprehension of bandits, terrorists, and armed robbers”

“On Monday, April 22, this year, he used the occasion of addressing participants at the African Counter-Terrorism Summit which opened on that day in Abuja to assure everyone of his government’s readiness to ensure greater security. Unfortunately, recent happenings have not shown that the President’s desire in this respect is being worked upon.”

“Afenifere urged President Tinubu to get state and local government police off the ground immediately through the invocation of an Executive Order while the process of amending the Constitution continues. Close circuit television sets, deployment of modern technology for security purposes including drones must be effected immediately.”

“The starting point is to probe into the motivation for kidnapping and related banditry. Three identified motives are economic, ideology and politics. Each of these has sub-strata and sometimes interlopes.”

“For instance, the economic factor of banditry could have territorial claim as an underpinning. It can also be as a result of some interests wanting to assert political superiority. These are relatively easier to deal with if the authorities and the people in the given area are committed to dealing with it.”