Yale Workers Protest: Oyo AAC Condemns Police Brutality, Demands Justice

The African Action Congress (AAC) in Oyo State has urged Governor Seyi Makinde to immediately address and halt the police brutality against protesters at Yale company in Ibadan. The protesters, primarily company workers, are demanding better treatment and the payment of palliatives from the company.

In a statement released on Tuesday in Ibadan by the AAC chairman, Kayode Babayomi, the party condemned the actions of both the police and the company, emphasizing that the right to protest is fundamental. The AAC accused the company of engaging in anti-labor practices such as the casualization of workers and non-payment of allowances and gratuities.

The AAC has called on the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to intervene and unionize Yale workers to ensure justice and improved working conditions. The party assured the protesters that the people of Oyo State support their struggle and urged the police to remain neutral, protecting the protesters instead of dehumanizing and arresting them.

The AAC has committed to standing by Yale workers and all workers in Nigeria facing inhumane treatment from both private and public industries. The party demands an end to police brutality and justice for the injured and those who have lost their lives during the protests.

The statement read in full: “Governor Seyi Makinde must immediately call the Oyo police to Order to avoid massacre in Oyo State as protesters at Yale company Ibadan hit the street and blockade the company to express their displeasure about the inhuman treatment by the Yale company over the disbursement of palliatives which is said today have been processed through the company by the Federal Government.”

“The Yale staff in Oluyole Ibadan were said to have protested and on the orders of the Yale Company Managers, the police shot and directly at 3. As it is, one is confirmed dead, and police were stationed to brutalize and arrest peaceful Yale workers.”

“Makinde should call on the oyo police to order as protest is a right not a privilege, the new approach of the oyo police command to protesters is becoming debatable and worrisome that peaceful protesters are not able to converge and express their concern on the state of affairs and private sector matters. It is crystal clear that the Sumai Food Company has been feasting on the sweats and blood of innocent workers through anti-labour practices, anti-unionism, and also in the practice of paying pittances to workers who regularly work overtime. Most workers in the company are even casualized; an illegal and anti-Labour practice that milks workers without allowances and the assurance of gratuities. Sadly, Oyo State government have been silent over these criminal activities. The Nigeria Police Force also station officers armed to the teeth permanently in the company premises.”

“Now with the workers highly agitated, the African Action Congress (AAC) calls on Governor Seyi Makinde to halt all actions of the police force and other armed state agencies from attacking the workers who are exercising their constitutional rights. We are no more in the era of colonialism when the Iva Valley Massacre was conducted by a foreign company. The good people of oyo state must not experience such, any act of inhumanity will not acceptable on the workers of Yale company.”

“We want the police to secure every Yale protesters not to dehumanize them and arrest them,the protesters are law abiding and they have the right to express themselves,what transpires to violence in protest is how the security operatives handles or manage the situation of things.”

“Lastly we want to assure the Yale workers that the conscious people of oyo state are with them In this struggle and Police should maintain neutrality. We call on the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress to intervene immediately and seize the moment to unionize Yale, get justice for workers and make sure those who ordered the killing (s) are made to face Labour Laws!”

“AAC will continue to stand by Yale workers and all workers of Nigeria passing through the inhumanity of anti-Labour practices of private and even the few public industries. Victory is guaranteed!”