Why Mohbad’s Father Got Angry With Me, Singer’s Wife Narrates Ordeal in Court

Mrs. Omowunmi Aloba, wife of the late Ilerioluwa Aloba aka Mohbad, on Tuesday explained how her relationship with the singer’s father became strained.

She told a coroner’s court investigating the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death in September that she used to relate well with her father-in-law, Mr. Oladimeji Aloba, and that both of them were very close until things went bad between them.

The lady, however, said their relationship became strained shortly after she gave birth to her son, Liam.

The singer died on September 12 and was buried the following day.

She said Mohbad’s father was angry with her because the late singer decided not to hold the child’s naming ceremony in Ikorodu.

Omowunmi said the father accused her of influencing the singer’s decision to go against his wish on the naming ceremony.

She said: “I used to have a very good relationship with my father-in-law before the birth of my son Liam. In fact, I used to invite him to our house on many occasions.

“But because Mohbad was angry with him over some of the things he was doing and his (Mohbad) refusal to hold our son’s naming ceremony in Ikorodu, he became angry with me, thinking I was the one behind all.

“So he became my enemy and was not talking to me like before.”

The woman also said her husband was humiliated, harassed, and bullied many times by his friends and members of Malian Record, his record label, before his death.