Why I Ignored Labour Party National Convention — Peter Obi

Peter Obi, the presidential hopeful representing the Labour Party in the forthcoming 2023 elections, has firmly stated his position regarding the recent national convention of the party, which resulted in the ascension of Barr Julius Abure to the role of national chairman.

Speaking to Nigerians on X Space, a platform hosted by Parallel Facts on Friday, Obi expressed his decision to abstain from the convention due to what he perceived as a lack of comprehensive consultation by the party leadership, led by Abure, with key stakeholders prior to its execution.

In his address, Obi emphasized the importance of inclusive decision-making processes within the party, highlighting the significance of soliciting input from various stakeholders to ensure transparency and unity. By opting to distance himself from the convention proceedings, Obi underscored his commitment to principles of participatory governance and accountability within the Labour Party.

Obi’s decision to abstain from the convention underscores his dedication to upholding democratic values and principles of fairness within the party. By publicly expressing his concerns about the lack of thorough consultation preceding the convention, Obi demonstrates his resolve to hold party leadership accountable for their actions and decisions.

The stance taken by Obi reflects his leadership style characterized by a commitment to dialogue, collaboration, and consensus-building. By prioritizing consultation and engagement with party stakeholders, Obi seeks to foster an environment of inclusivity and cooperation, essential for the party’s success and effectiveness in achieving its goals.

As the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi’s stance on the recent national convention signals his intention to lead with integrity, transparency, and a strong sense of responsibility towards the party and the Nigerian people. His decision to speak out against perceived shortcomings in the party’s decision-making process demonstrates his readiness to advocate for meaningful reform and constructive change within the party’s structures and practices.

The former Anambra Governor emphasised the need for the right thing to be done to salvage the party, adding that he is more passionate about building a new Nigeria than building a new Labour Party.