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The venture world is growing faster than ever, with more funding rounds, bigger funding rounds and higher valuations than at pretty much any point in history. That’s led to an exponential growth in the number of unicorns walking around and has also forced regulators and venture law researchers to confront a slew of challenging problems.
The obvious one, of course, is that with so many companies staying private, retail investors are mostly blocked from participating in one of the most dynamic sectors of the global economy. That’s not all though — concerns about disclosures and board transparency, diversity among leaders as well as employees, whistleblower protections for fraud and more have increasingly percolated in legal circles as unicorns multiply and push the boundaries of what our current regulations were designed to accomplish.
To explore where the cutting edge of venture law is today, TechCrunch invited four law professors who specialize in the field and securities more generally to talk about what they are seeing in their work this year and argue for how they would change regulations going forward.
Our participants and their arguments:
The once quiet research literature of venture law has been energized with the arrival of a reform-minded camp in the halls of power in DC. TechCrunch will continue to report and bring diverse perspectives on some of the most challenging legal and regulatory issues facing the tech and startup world.


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