US Asks Tinubu To Implement #Endsars Reports, Prosecute Indicted Persons

The United States Government has urged the Nigerian Government led by President Bola Tinubu to act on the findings of numerous #EndSARS panels of inquiry across over 20 states. These panels were established to investigate human rights violations by security agencies during the 2020 #EndSARS protests.

This call was made during the United Nations Human Rights Council 4th cycle Universal Period Review of Nigeria in Geneva, Switzerland. A representative of the US Government addressed human rights concerns in Nigeria, specifically urging the implementation of the various #EndSARS reports.

Furthermore, the US representative called for amendments to the Nigerian Press Council Act to eliminate restrictions on freedom of expression and emphasized the need to review the standard operating procedure of the armed forces to safeguard human rights.

According to the US representative as saying, “Our main concern is on certain restrictions on Nigerians on the enjoyment of human rights. In the spirit of constructive engagement, we recommend that Nigeria implement recommendations from State level investigations panel reports on security forces response to the #EndSARS protests including prosecution as appropriate of the individuals implicated in the reports.

“Amend the Nigerian Press Act of 1992 to remove restrictions on the freedom of expression specifically as it applies to online and citizen journalists. End the arbitrary arrest and prosecution of LGBT persons and amend the armed forces standard operating procedure to ensure the protection of human rights and fundamental freedom of all Nigerians.”

In response, the Nigeria’s Attorney General of Federation (AGF), Mr Lateef Fagbemi (SAN), appreciated the UN Human Rights Council’s interest in the affairs of Nigeria and the recommendations that had been made.

Also, the AGF who reiterated that the issues of credibility of elections in Nigeria do not arise, said that election was a process which starts from nomination, adding that until the Supreme Court made a pronouncement, the election cannot come to an end.

Fagbemi reportedly said that “The issue of credibility of any election in Nigeria does not arise. Election is a process and until the Supreme Court makes any pronouncement, it cannot be regarded as having come to an end.

“A pronouncement has been made in respect of the Presidential election and just last week, the last pronouncement was made in respect of governorship elections. The issue of credibility does not arise at all.

“It has been confirmed to be in conformity with the laws guiding the conduct of elections in Nigeria.”