UNICAL To Recall Students’ Lists Sent To Law School By Randy Professor

The University of Calabar’s administration is contemplating a potential recall of student lists sent to the Nigerian Law School in the past two years for a thorough review. This decision comes in response to serious allegations concerning the former dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof Cyril Ndifon. He was suspended last week amid accusations of engaging in sex scandals. It’s been claimed that he manipulated these lists, showing favoritism towards female students with whom he reportedly had inappropriate relationships.

Addressing the media about these allegations, the University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Florence Obi, acknowledged the reports surrounding Prof Ndifon’s alleged sexual misconduct and disregard for proper procedures. She highlighted that female law students had recently staged public protests, demanding his removal due to numerous accusations of sexual assault.

In the wake of the scandal, the Vice Chancellor revealed that a comprehensive overhaul of the Faculty of Law was imperative. This was prompted by numbers of allegations against Prof Ndifon, including his authoritative behavior, instances of sexual assault, dominance over the academic staff, and sidelining of faculty members.

The administration and the faculty staff collaborated to enact necessary changes to prevent any future dean from wielding unchecked power over students. These changes included the establishment of a committee responsible for overseeing student mobilization to the Law School, a potential reevaluation and retrieval of the students’ list sent to the Law School, the removal of the two examination officers, and the creation of a Result Vetting Committee.

Additionally, a Students’ Project Committee would be formed to assign project supervisors for undergraduates, and an Admission Committee would review Direct Entry admissions. The university intended to revise its Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) to align with the unique needs of the Faculty of Law, seeking Senate approval. A new sub-dean would also be appointed.

Further measures encompassed appointing an interim chairman for the Faculty’s Post-Graduate School Board, reviewing and allocating courses for the semester in line with the university’s Quality Assurance guidelines, and establishing a committee to update existing procedures.

In response to the allegations, the university’s leadership demanded that Prof Ndifon and the sub-dean furnish the Director of Quality Assurance with result scripts, question papers, marking guidelines, and attendance records for the past two academic sessions.

Prof Obi went on to instruct the formation of a panel to investigate potential extortion incidents attributed to Prof Ndifon. If found guilty, he would be required to reimburse all illegitimate funds collected from students under various categories.

“Management resolved with the staff on the need for some basic changes to be effected in the faculty to avoid the continuous overbearing influence and power of any Dean of the Faculty of Law over the students,” she stated.