UNICAL Female Law Students Protest Against Lecturer for Alleged Sexual Harassment, Says Enough is Enough (Video)

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The female law students of the University of Calabar today trooped out en masse to protest against the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof Ndifon Cyril for allegedly harassing the female law students.

Some placards read: “We are tired of sucking dicks”; “Prof Ndifon, let the girls with big breasts breathe. Don’t suffocate us”!!!

According to the female law students, Prof Cyril is notorious for sexually harassing female students of the faculty of law. Through their demonstrations, they expressed their displeasure about the alleged immoral conduct of the Dean of the faculty and said “enough is enough”.

The said Professor was also accused of manipulating the law school list.

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof Florence Banku Obi, assured them that the matter would be investigated and that justice would be served. On being threatened with expulsion, she assured them they would all graduate as and when due and would all go to Law School.

Pictures/Videos Below;

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