Turkish Forces Eliminate PKK Terrorists Administrator

Turkish intelligence has eliminated an administrator of the PKK terrorist group in northern Iraq, security sources have disclosed.

According to Daily Sabah, the sources added that Bedirhan Abi, one of the so-called administrators of the PKK, was eliminated in an operation carried out by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in the Sincar province in northern Iraq.

It was determined by Turkish forces that the terrorist Bedirhan Abi, had participated in attacks in Turkey where security forces were martyred.

Bedirhan Abi, who has Turkish citizenship and was wanted due to the armed actions he participated in in Turkey was found to be operating as the brigade officer of the PKK terrorist group in Sincar.

Meanwhile, with the support of field agents, a point operation was planned to eliminate the terrorist. With this, Abi was eliminated by the operation carried out by MIT.