True Federalism Will Bring Accelerated Development To Nigeria – Chief Olanipekun SAN

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Chief Wole Olanipekun, a senior advocate for Nigeria, has expressed concern that among the democracies in the world, only Nigeria is resisting true federalism. He claims that if the country is fully federalized and democratic, it will develop more quickly.

In order to stop the tide of insurgency, killings, and kidnapping of Nigerians, the passage of the amendment bill for State Police must be approved for subnational stratum.

Olanipekun made the statements in his Ikere Ekiti country home while presenting over N30 million cash gift to students, youths, aged and widows, to mark the 2022 edition of Wole Olanipekun Scholarship and Empowerment Schemes.

Olanipekun said; “We are having this stalemate in the Constitution Amendment because some governors expressed reservations that they will only accept the passage if State Police is approved. That is, something like state autonomy.

“I support the governors on this. Nigeria is the only country that practices democracy, where we have only one Police Formation being controlled from Abuja, and this is failing us, this is wronging the system.

“Let us look at our land mass from Calabar to Kaura Namoda, from Bayelsa to Borno, how can it be secured by only the federal police? Look at the size of the Southwest, can it be policed by only federal police? Even in Lagos alone, it is wrong to have only one Police Formation.

“Let us look at London, it has London Metropolitan Police. Havard University alone has Havard University Police Department. Looking at all these, why are we different? Why are our people like this? Why are they failing to allow Nigeria to be fully federalised and democratized?

“Even in the legal profession, we are facing a lot of challenges that started under Gen Sanni Abacha’s era. Abacha took all the juridisdictional powers of the State High Courts and taken to the Federal High Courts through Decree 7 of 1994. That was the beginning of the problem we are facing today in Nigeria’s legal profession.

“The jurisdiction of the State High Courts is subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal high Courts, even when the Federal High Courts were mere revenue courts. This is a jurisdictional fallacy, it can’t work, it has been failing us.

“The governors views were clear. They are not asking for what is utopian, but what ought to be under an ideal democratic situation. So, I align myself totally with the reservations of these governors.”

Olanipekun, who revealed that a total of 1,475 persons had benefited from the scholarship and empowerment schemes as at 2021, urged the youths and students to shun Internet fraud, kidnapping, ritual killing and other vices to safeguard their future.

He said the schemes were conceptualised by him 26 years ago to vanish poverty, liberate the people and propel education among the children of the poor.

The legal Icon, urged the new Ekiti State Governor, Biodun Oyebanji to place high premium priority on the development of the state’s Infrastructure, Education and Internal Security sectors by strenghening Amotekun Corps to provide adequate security and rejuvenate the economy.

Applauding the Senior Lawyer for the gesture, Governor Oyebanji, said he was thrilled by the schemes endowed by Olanipekun, promising to replicate similar scheme in his Ikogosi Ekiti country home to help humanity.

“Government can’t do it alone, I want to appeal to the people of means to help Ekiti to develop education. Whatever you do for humanity is the best. The achievements of any man is measured by the number of those who laugh when his name is mentioned”.

In his lecture titled; “Education, Youth and Community Development’, a Professor of Botany, Prof. Dele Olowokudejo, stressed that Nigerian youths can only be productive and shun vices, if they are educationally and technically empowered by governments, corporate bodies and spirited individuals.