Tobenna’s Erojikwe Highlights Security Lapses in Voter Verification, Raises Integrity Concerns for NBA Polls

Tobenna Erojikwe, a leading candidate for the presidency of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), has sounded the alarm over potential infractions and lapses that could undermine the credibility of the association’s upcoming general elections.

In a strongly-worded letter addressed to the Electoral Committee of the NBA (ECNBA), Erojikwe outlined several concerns regarding the committee’s adherence to constitutional provisions and the integrity of the electoral process.

Failure to provide voting guidelines and a voter list
Erojikwe highlighted the ECNBA’s failure to issue guidelines for electronic voting at least 60 days before the election date, as stipulated by the NBA Constitution. “As of today, the guidelines for electronic voting have not been released. Even more so, members of the association have not been apprised of the platform, if any, to be used for the electronic voting,” he wrote.

Additionally, the candidate pointed out that the ECNBA has not published the full list of eligible NBA voters at least 45 days before the election, as required by the Constitution. “Again, counting from the tentative date of the election, this requirement ought to have been fulfilled no later than June 5, 2024,” Erojikwe stated.

Data Security Concerns in the Voter Verification Process
Erojikwe also raised alarming concerns about the security vulnerabilities in the ongoing voter verification process. According to his letter, “anyone (whether a member of the association or not) can alter the details of any member on the portal simply by having access to the other member’s SCN (Supreme Court Number).”

This porous security infrastructure, Erojikwe warned, not only poses data privacy issues but also raises “a very glaring concern regarding malicious alteration of voter information and tampering with the voting process.”

Call for Transparency and Safeguards
In light of these issues, Erojikwe has called upon the ECNBA to take immediate steps to address the concerns and ensure a credible electoral process. His recommendations include:

1. Promptly publishing voting guidelines and the electronic voting platform in compliance with the Constitution.
2. Allowing candidates and stakeholders to scrutinise the integrity of the process and platform.
3. convening a meeting of candidates and stakeholders to discuss challenges and provide assurances about the ECNBA’s preparedness.
4. Implementing measures to safeguard unauthorised access to members’ data during and after the verification exercise.
5. Actively warding off any external interference or involvement in the election process.

Erojikwe emphasised that his letter is not intended to be antagonistic but rather a genuine expression of concerns aimed at ensuring a successful and credible election for the association.

As the NBA prepares for its general elections, all eyes will be on the ECNBA’s response to Erojikwe’s call for transparency, adherence to constitutional provisions, and the implementation of robust measures to guarantee the integrity of the electoral process.

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