Tobenna Erojikwe Attends the NBA Benin Branch Monthly Meeting and Renews Advocacy for Equitable Remuneration in the Legal Profession

Members of the NBA Benin Branch gathered for their monthly meeting on Sunday, October 8, 2023, in an event hosted by the Friends of Tobenna Erojikwe. At the heart of the meeting was a compelling knowledge-sharing session led by Tobenna Erojikwe, a partner at The Law Crest LLP and Chairman of the Governing Board of the NBA-ICLE. Tobenna Erojikwe’s address focused on a critical issue titled “Saving Ourselves: The Remuneration Order 2023, Earning Capacity, and Matters Arising.”

Tobenna Erojikwe commenced his presentation with an impassioned plea for fairness in remuneration within Nigeria’s legal profession. He highlighted the pressing need to rectify disparities in lawyers’ earnings, specifically in relation to the Legal Practitioners Remuneration Order of 2023. Erojikwe underscored the urgency of adapting these remuneration rates to align with the ever-evolving economic landscape.

In his address, Tobenna Erojikwe stated, “The legal profession is esteemed, but we must ensure that it remains accessible and sustainable for all practitioners. The Legal Practitioners Remuneration Order of 2023 must be viewed as a pivotal piece of legislation, with lawyers deserving fair compensation, considering the profound changes in our economic climate.”

Tobenna Erojikwe delved deeper into the hurdles faced by young lawyers and those specialising in less lucrative legal fields. He stressed the necessity for a comprehensive and impartial approach to remuneration, highlighting the potential deterrent effect of the current system on young talents considering a legal career and on those already in practice.

“The legal profession should be inclusive, irrespective of one’s financial background. We must attract and retain the sharpest legal minds by providing them with a level playing field for a successful career,” added Tobenna Erojikwe.

Tobenna Erojikwe’s knowledge-sharing session leveraged his extensive legal expertise and economic acumen. He bolstered his arguments with concrete data and real-world examples, igniting a spirited discussion among attendees.

Responding to Tobenna Erojikwe’s call for action, numerous attendees voiced their support for a thorough review and implementation of the Legal Practitioners Remuneration Order of 2023. They emphasised the critical importance of upholding the legal profession’s integrity and inclusivity in Nigeria.

One participant remarked, “Tobenna Erojikwe has illuminated a matter that affects every member of our legal community. It’s high time we unite to advocate for a fair remuneration system that guarantees the profession’s sustainability.”

As the event drew to a close, a consensus emerged among attendees: the call for equitable remuneration within the legal profession is both timely and imperative. Tobenna Erojikwe’s knowledge-sharing session served as a catalyst, reigniting efforts to address this pressing issue. The NBA Benin Branch now stands ready to take proactive steps towards a more equitable and inclusive future for lawyers across the Branch.

In the face of significantly altered economic circumstances, Nigeria’s legal community faces a challenge to reassess its remuneration practices, thanks to Tobenna Erojikwe’s enlightening discourse on “Saving Ourselves: The Remuneration Order 2023, Earning Capacity, and Matters Arising.”