Tinubu’s CSU: I’m Ashamed of Lawyers – Olisa Agbakoba, SAN

Olisa Agbakoba, SAN, a former NBA President, said he was embarrassed to see attorneys debating the virtues or shortcomings of President Bola Tinubu’s Chicago State University affair on public television.

The senior attorney expressed his unhappiness with the “cacophony of discordant voices” surrounding the dispute over the CSU documents, which he blamed on Tinubu and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

Agbakoba forewarned that Nigeria is dangerously heating up due to armchair lawyers.

The legal practitioner advised individuals to keep their thoughts and ideas to themselves while awaiting a ruling from the Supreme Court in a post on his social networking site, X, on Monday.

He said, “The cacophony of discordant voices on Tinubu/Atiku over the certificate matter is completely out of hand. This utter nonsense from armchair lawyers is heating up Nigeria dangerously.

“Please, can we keep our opinions and views to ourselves, awaiting a decision of the Supreme Court?

“I am so ashamed to see lawyers on television arguing one way or the other on the merits or demerits of the Chicago State University matter. This is most unhelpful!

“I call out all media that tolerate this nonsense of adjudicating the CSU matter on TV and newspapers.

“I urge the President of the Nigerian Bar Association to call out lawyers that breach rules of ethics by turning the media into a Court of Law.

“Can we please stop heating up our country!!! Let us allow the Supreme Court of Nigeria to make a judicial pronouncement which is binding on us all!!!! This public nonsense must stop.”