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January 16, (THEWILL) – A Group, Tinubu Support Organisation, TSO has called on Nigerians to rally round the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC and former Lagos State Governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu  in his aspiration to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.
Speaking with THEWILL at  the weekend,  the Lagos State Coordinator of  the TSO , Otunba Akinduro Ibesanmi said  the recent declaration by Tinubu to contest the 2023 presidential election gladden the hearts of many  Nigerians.
He said: “Tinubu’s recent declaration for 2023 presidency gladdens our hearts. It was received with joy. We thank God for that. What we require now is for all Nigerians to pray for him to succeed in his ambition to become the next president of the country. This man has helped many people to their desired positions and now,  we should all rally round him too and ensure that he succeeds in the next election as president of Nigeria”.
As to why the group is backing Tinubu for the 2023 presidency, Ibesanmi said “We are backing him because we believe in him .We are backing Tinubu because we believe in his competence, we believe in his capability and we believe in his pedigree.
“Somebody who has governed Lagos before. Somebody who has been able to turn Lagos around and made Lagos a safe haven for investors throughout the world, deserves to be Nigeria next president. There is no business man in Nigeria today who doesn’t want to have a stake in Lagos. Asiwaju is the hope for common man. He has done it before. He has the Midas touch to turn things around. If he could turn Lagos around to what Lagos is today, we believe if he is given the opportunity to govern the country, he will turn around the country for the better”.

On what Nigeria should expect if Tinubu becomes the next president, Ibesanmi said “Nigerians should expect a better Nigeria. Buhari is doing well in term of infrastructural development but what Nigeria should expect from Asiwaju is turnaround of Nigeria. Things can be better. The only thing we require is that leader that has passion, commitment, the vision, the zeal to turn things around in Nigeria. And since Asiwaju had done it in Lagos, Nigerians should be rest assured that he would do it in Nigeria.”
On the position of some people that Tinubu should remain as a king maker and should not contest for position, Ibesanmi wondered whether there was any law that said a Kingmaker cannot be a king.
“My response is to ask whether it is written in any constitution in Nigeria even in local family setting that a kingmaker cannot be king.
“Somebody who has build men, somebody who has helped put people in positions of authority, now he decided that he wants to be president, what is wrong in that. What is expected from the people is to give him support instead of asking him this question. Somebody who has been supportive to others while don’t we rally round him. If he has been supporting others to get to their desired positions, why don’t we also support him?  We need to rally round him to become the president of Nigeria and achieve his lifetime ambition”, Ibesanmi said.
He said the response to Tinubu’s aspiration at the grassroots has been wonderful.
“It has been wonderful. Recently we were in Osogbo to launch TSO. We were also in Oyo to launch TSO and on the 28th of this month we will be in Ogun State. On the 3rd of February we will be in Ondo. What we need is to support him to realize his ambition. In Lagos here, Tinubu is a father figure and everybody in Lagos – Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Fulani are all rallying round him.  The Director General of TSO, Hon. Aminu Sulaiman is not a Yoruba man.  He is an Hausa man from Kebbi state. He started this campaign a long time. If an Hausa man can discovered the potentials in Asiwaju, why can’t we support him. There is no where you go in the north, they are all clamouring for him to be the next president”, Ibesanmi said.


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