Tinubu Vows To Actualize ECOWAS Standby Force In The Sub-region

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Following his appointment as the Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) during the 63rd Ordinary session in Guinea Bissau, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu expressed his firm belief that leaders in the West African sub-region must transcend coups d’état and threats to democracy.

In a statement released by presidential spokesman Dele Alake on Sunday, President Tinubu emphasized that the progress and development of the West African region are being hindered by insecurity and the growing menace of terrorism. He expressed deep concern about the escalating threat to peace, citing terrorism and the emerging trend of military takeovers, which now demand immediate and concerted action.

President Tinubu underscored the importance of employing both kinetic and non-kinetic approaches, including preventive diplomacy, to effectively combat regional insecurity. He further pledged to coordinate all strategies and resources in order to achieve sustainable peace throughout the region.

“On peace and security, the threat has reached an alarming level and needs urgent actions to address the challenges. Indeed, the region’s progress and development will remain elusive without a peaceful environment. In this regard, we must remain committed to utilising all regional frameworks to address the menace of insecurity.

“There is also the Regional Plan of Action on Fight Against Terrorism 2020–2024 and the operationalization of the ECOWAS standby force on fight against terrorism.

“I will ensure that we harmonise these plans and mobilise resources and the political will towards actualizing the initiatives. As terrorists do not respect boundaries, we must work collectively to have an effective regional counterterrorism measure,” he stated.