“The only real barrier is the one you create in your mind and the one your mind permits”, Joyce Oduah FICMC Speaks on Embracing Diversity, Intersectionality and Inclusivity in the Nigerian Legal Workplace at the NBA Young Lawyers’ Forum, PortHarcourt Branch 2023 Conference

In her insightful presentation, Joyce Oduah underscored the importance of recognising the value that young lawyers bring to the legal workforce. She eloquently captured that “young lawyers are not just the future; they are our present colleagues who rightfully deserve fair and respectful treatment.” While acknowledging the financial constraints often cited by senior lawyers, Oduah urged the legal community to consider the moral, legal and ethical obligation to provide a dignified and supportive work environment for young lawyers.

Oduah’s message resonates with the idea that treating others with kindness and compassion is not only a moral imperative but also a pathway to prosperity and success.