By Dr. Promise Iwezor
Former Chairman NBA Isiokpo Branch

The job of the Vice President can sometimes be fleeting. To some the office is simply an alternative to that of the President. To some it’s the office that shadows that of the President. To some the Vice President is a ” Staff” of the President especially in our clime.

However the office of the Vice president can be that bridge of policy between the President and the rest of the hierarchy of any Organization. When zealousness sometimes push executive members to heated arguments the Vice President can be that bridge that will evoke an ambient working relationship among all Executives. I believe this office has been underplayed and misinterpreted for far too long I believe that this office can be the litmus test for Good Governance and conscious administration of Necessary reforms. I believe the Vice President can be more.

Some of the Roles of the Vice president includes:

Communication and listening: The vice president’s job description requires knowing how to communicate with many audiences, including other members of the leadership team.

They must be available and willing to listen to any problem team members may face and help them to overcome any obstacle.

Public speaking and presentation: Vice presidents are often responsible for brainstorming ways to change and innovate the Organization. They may regularly present ideas in front of small or large groups. They must hold strong public speaking and presentation skills to keep audiences engaged and interested in their Organization.

Critical thinking and problem-solving: Since challenges arise regularly within an organization, the vice president might be the person team members rely on to help solve the problem. They should be able to think quickly to address issues and prevent any problems from affecting the Organization

Leadership and drive: Many vice presidents motivate teams to provide quality work and reach Organizational goals. Being an effective leader and developing trusting relationships among colleagues can allow Team members to feel encouraged to submit valuable ideas and strategy for Research and Development within an Organization.

Assisting in strategic goal setting: The president, vice president and other leaders may gather and set strategic goals for the Organization. Once these goals are set, the vice president may work with the respective Teams to ensure they properly implement them.
Determining Organizational success and deciding on improvements: Vice presidents stay updated on Global best practices. They compare these results to the success of the Organization and develop strategies to improve so it can stay ahead of the changing times.

Dr. Promise Iwezor
Former Chairman NBA Isiokpo Branch