The First 5 Female Judges In Nigeria (Photo)

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We bring you the first five female Judges in Nigeria.

Late Justice Modupe Omo-Eboh (neeAkingbein) was called to Bar in March 14th, 1953; she became the first female High Court Judge in Nigeria on November 10th, 1969.

Oguntoye was the 2nd to become a Judge, Mukhtar the 3rd, Ige the 4th And Omotosho the 5th.

Aloma Mukhtar was the first female Chief Justice of Nigeria; first female Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria; first female Justice of the Court of Appeal of Nigeria; first female Judge of the High Court in Kano State judiciary and the first female lawyer from Northern Nigeria.

This photo was taken in Lagos at a Judges Conference in 1980.

Left-to-Right: Dulcie Ethel Adunola Oguntoye, Roseline Omotosho, Modupe Omo-Eboh, Atinuke Ige and Aloma Mukhtar


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