The Call of Duty

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By Dr. Promise Iwezor

While the above phrase can easily depict the Global best selling video Game the true meaning of Duty isn’t totally far off.

Duty stems from a responsibility to serve and perform. In a Globe fast declining in morals it is our sense of duty that drives us to think,work,grow and evolve

In our National clime duty has been grossly displaced. Public office holders have only a sense of entitlement and forget that they are trustees and hold a duty to serve the people. While our value system might seem to be on the brink I still believe that we have amongst us the finest of persons who still answer the call of duty.

Duty is putting everyone before oneself it is the responsibility that with great power and resources comes the greatest duty.

In every sphere of our life
our homes, offices, worship centers, and professional associations we are bestowed the responsibility to answer the call of duty.

Duty must be selfless, innovative, encompassing and most importantly sincere.

This Easter Monday I want to charge us to answer the call of duty in our various spaces.

To discharge our various mandates selflessly and for the general benefit of others.

If we indeed answer the call of duty to each other the world will be a much better place.

Dr. Promise Iwezor
Former Chairman
NBA Isiokpo Branch