Supreme Court Dismisses APM’s Petition Against Tinubu’s Election Victory

On Monday, the Supreme Court dismissed the petition of the Allied Peoples Movement (APM) political party against the election victory of President Bola Tinubu in the February election.

The petition was dismissed after the party withdrew its case in the suit.

In dismissing the suit, Justice John Okoro, chairman of the seven-man panel said, “This appeal having been withdrawn without objection (from the respondents) is hereby dismissed”.

The party’s legal team led by Chukwuma Machukwu Ume (SAN), had earlier applied to withdraw the matter shortly after it was called up for hearing.

Although, the panel, before dismissing the appeal, berated the party for filing a baseless appeal as well as wasting the court’s time.

The panel queried what the APM stood to gain from the appeal which it said was one of the reasons that the apex court was overworked.

“If we are idle, then maybe we will state the law. If there is nothing for you to gain from an appeal, you don’t just come to court for interpretation,” Justice Okoro said.

“If for instance that you win a case, there must be something to be gained from the victory. We have read your appeal, there is absolutely nothing in it. You are not asking for your candidate to be declared winner or anything of such, all you want is for the president to be removed.

“If we remove the President, then what next? There are two other appeals here that are asking for something substantial,” he added.

The panel also noted that the same issues the APM raised in its appeal was previously decided by the Supreme Court.

“We are not bound to hear every appeal. What you are asking us is to overrule ourselves. Did you not read our decision on the issue of double nomination?” Another member of the panel asked the APM’s lawyer.

Following the position of the panel on the matter Ume withdrew the appeal and it was accordingly struck out.