Rousing Welcome as Joyce Oduah FICMC speaks to Law School Students in the Nigerian Law School, Enugu Campus on Emotional and Social Intelligence

In her enlightening discussion with the students, Joyce explained that emotional and social intelligence “ are critically important in this age of information, automation and agility. This is what distinguishes you from others. This keeps you relevant and ensures that AI does not ’steal’ your jobs.”

While cognitive skills are undeniably important, Oduah emphasised that mastering these emotional and social competencies is the true key to success in the legal profession and broader society. Emotional Intelligence, she explained, empowers individuals to understand and empathise with human emotions, a skill indispensable for forging meaningful relationships both in educational and professional environments. These competencies are especially vital in an era defined by information, automation, and adaptability.

The students were delighted about her intervention. One of the students commented, “ she is the most welcoming achieved person I’ve ever met. She kept it real with us and it was undeniable that she really cared…”