Robert Clark, SAN Urges Atiku To Abandon Legal Action Against Tinubu’s Victory

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Robert Clark, SAN, has advised Atiku Abubakar to end his pursuit for legal recourse over the victory of Bola Tinubu at the recent presidential election.

He made this assertion during an interview on AriseTV Morning Show.

Atiku, speaking at his first post-election press conference in Abuja on Thursday, described the process that led to Tinubu being declared the winner and President-Elect by the Independent National Electoral Commission as fraudulent.

He explained that he was addressing Nigerians with a heavy heart because what happened under the current INEC leadership fell short of the world’s minimal threshold for elections.

Clark, on the other hand, encouraged him not to go to the Supreme Court since he would lose the case.

He further maintained that no election petition has been won in Nigeria because the proof presented in court is sufficient to win any petition.

“I was not on the field during the election, so I am not aware of the allegations laid by those political parties. But, tell me how many election petitions have been won in Nigeria; you will see that there are none.

“As you asked me before, if I were Atiku’s lawyer, I would advise him not to go to court because the evidence on the ground is not enough for him to win the election,” Clark said.