Reps to President Tinubu: Review 12 years Oronsaye report before implementation

During Thursday’s plenary session, the House of Representatives urged President Bola Tinubu to conduct a thorough review of the Oronsaye Report before proceeding with its implementation.

The call was made following a motion of urgent public importance presented by Honourable Kama Nkemkanma and two others.

President Tinubu had earlier ordered the implementation of the Oronsaye Report on Monday. However, the House emphasized on the need for a comprehensive review of not only the 2012 Oronsaye report, but also subsequent reports and white papers, including the Goni Aji Report, the White Paper released during President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, the Ama Pepple White Paper, and the Ebele Okeke White Paper, to align with current realities.

In moving the motion, Nkemkanma expressed concerns that the full implementation of the 2012 Oronsaye Report in 2024 could lead to unintended consequences and outcomes.

This call by the House underscores the importance of careful consideration and analysis before implementing significant policy decisions, especially those with far-reaching implications for governance and public service delivery.

He added that “The full implementation of the report will not substantially reduce the cost of governance as it does not reflect the current situation in the Public Service of the Federation.”

The motion was adopted without debate and passed by the House of Representatives.