Reps Inaugurate Constitution Review Committee

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Tajudeen Abbas, on Monday inaugurated the House Committee tasked with reviewing the 1999 Constitution. In his remarks during the inauguration, Abbas underscored the imperative of devolving powers, advocating for measures such as state policing and bolstering fiscal federalism through local government autonomy.

He further emphasized the necessity of broadening inclusivity within governance structures, including gender equity and enhanced representation for women in both elective and appointive positions. Abbas urged the Committee to align its objectives with the Legislative Agenda and to address unresolved issues like additional seats for women across legislative bodies.

Highlighting the ongoing legislative efforts, Hon Abbas acknowledged the introduction of several bills in both chambers of the National Assembly, addressing critical constitutional matters. He encouraged Committee members and citizens alike to actively engage in the ensuing debates, viewing them as integral to a vibrant democracy.

Deputy Speaker Hon Benjamin Kalu, also chairing the House Committee on Constitution Review, expressed readiness to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead. He pledged a comprehensive approach, leveraging technology and inclusive engagement to ensure every voice contributes to shaping the nation’s future.

In their goodwill messages, dignitaries emphasized the importance of fostering unity, inclusivity, and national cohesion throughout the reform process. Nigerians were urged to participate actively, whether through public consultations, town hall meetings, online forums, or other avenues, in shaping the country’s constitutional landscape.