Prof. Epiphany Azinge, SAN Appointed President of Commonwealth Secretary Arbitral Tribunal

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Professor Epiphany Azinge (SAN) has been appointed as the president of Commonwealth Secretariat Arbitral Tribunal (CSAT).

A statement signed by Secretary General, Commonwealth of Nations, Patricia Scotland, reads: “Pursuant to your nomination to, and selection by the Board of Governors of the Commonwealth Secretariat, and in accordance with the Statute of CSAT, I write with pleasure to invite you to accept appointment as President of CSAT.

“If you are able to accept the terms set out below, your appointment as President will run concurrently with your second and final four-year term as a member of the Tribunal, taking immediate effect and expiring on 31 May 2023.”

As President of CSAT, Azinge is entrusted with the timely discharge of the functions and responsibilities attributed to the office by the Statute and Rules of the Tribunal. This includes empanelling the Tribunal to hear applications brought by members of staff of the Commonwealth Secretariat, or any other persons over whom the Tribunal has jurisdiction, alleging the non-observance of their contract. The president ordinarily presides over the Tribunal, so empanelled.

“You shall be assisted as President by the other members of CSAT and supported by the Executive Secretary to the Tribunal,” she added.

According to Scotland, service as president of CSAT is largely honorary and unremunerated.

However, president Azinge will receive a supplementary gratuity of £600 yearly.

“This is in addition to his yearly gratuity, sitting allowance and travel expenses as a member of the Tribunal, in accordance with your existing appointment to CSAT.

“I look forward to receiving confirmation of your acceptance of this appointment, and offer my warm congratulations on your selection,” the statement reads.