President Tinubu Orders Security Agencies To Rescue Abducted Students in Zamfara

President Bola Tinubu has ordered security forces to free the remaining female students of the Federal University Gusau, Zamfara State, who were recently kidnapped by terrorists, despite conflicting reactions to the rise of terrorist activities in the nation.

The order follows recent unsettling allegations that some students from the federal university were kidnapped by a gang of robbers after they stormed into a hostel.

Through his media assistant Ajuru Ngelale, Tinubu on Sunday condemned the action and called it a repugnant act of kidnapping.

The President thinks that such horrible acts against innocent victims, whose only “offense” was seeking out a good education, cannot be justified morally.

According to Ngelale: “While the President wholeheartedly commiserates with all families directly impacted by this sad incident, he affirms that his administration has a solemn duty to protect every Nigerian citizen, and in line with this commitment, assures the families of the abducted students that no effort will be spared in ensuring their safe return.

“The President pledges that the federal government is determined to ensure that educational institutions remain sanctuaries of knowledge, growth, and opportunity and totally free from the menacing acts of terrorists.”