Police Prosecuted 29,052 Criminal Cases In One Year – FPPRO

The Nigeria Police Force, under the leadership of Inspector General of Police Kayode Egbetokun, has vigorously prosecuted 29,052 criminal cases nationwide within the past year, as announced in a statement by Force Police Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, disseminated to journalists in Abuja. This significant accomplishment is attributed to the unwavering dedication and diligence of investigative officers working in tandem with legal teams across commands and formations throughout the country.

Of the cases handled, a remarkable 16,200 have resulted in the conviction of suspects, who have been met with various forms of punishment for their criminal activities. This outcome serves as a resolute reminder to all criminals that there is no sanctuary for their actions within society.

Furthermore, the statement notes that 1,476 individuals have been acquitted at the discretion of the jury, while certain discharged cases are subject to police appeals, ensuring that justice prevails through due process.

While acknowledging these achievements, the force issues a stern warning to criminals, urging them to cease their unlawful activities. The message is clear: the far-reaching arm of the law will inevitably catch up to those who transgress societal norms.

This declaration underscores the resolve of law enforcement to uphold justice and maintain order, instilling confidence in the populace that perpetrators will be held accountable for their deeds.

As the Nigeria Police Force continues its relentless pursuit of justice, the commitment to safeguarding communities and ensuring the safety of citizens remains paramount. With each successful prosecution, the force reaffirms its dedication to the rule of law and its mission to combat crime in all its forms. Through vigilance, determination, and cooperation with the public, law enforcement aims to create a society where criminal elements are apprehended, prosecuted, and brought to justice, fostering peace and security for all.

The Inspector General of Police, expressed gratitude to the judiciary, legal practitioners, and all stakeholders for their invaluable support and collaboration in the pursuit of justice.
He reiterated the resoluteness of the Nigeria Police to uphold the principles of justice and effectively play its due role in the criminal justice system.”