Oyo Govt Bans Use Of Styrofoam For Food Packaging

The Oyo State Government has sanctioned a ban on the use of styrofoam for packaging food, as announced by the State’s Commissioner for Health, Oluwaserimi Ajetunmobi, at the Food Safety Stakeholders Forum held in Ibadan on Monday.

Ajetunmobi highlighted the increasing concerns over food poisoning, the indiscriminate use of chemical products in food production, processing, packaging, and other unethical practices among food business operators in the state.

In addition to the ban, the Oyo State Government inaugurated a task force on food safety, comprising members from various organizations including the State Food Safety Management Committee, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), the Association of Table Water Producers (ATWAP), and the Association of Canteen Workers.

Director of Food, Water and Laboratory Services at the State Ministry of Health, Afusat Akande, outlined the prerequisites for certification along the food chain. These requirements include obtaining routine medical fitness certificates from designated state government hospitals, evidence of regular fumigation of production premises by recognized consultants from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, and water quality analysis conducted by recognized consultants from the Ministry of Health, among others.

The Food Safety Compliance Enforcement Taskforce, led by Permanent Secretary Akintunde Ayinde, pledged to collaborate with the ministry to ensure the fulfillment of its objective of enhancing food safety standards in the State.

“The directorate of Food, Water, and Laboratory Services is saddled with the responsibility to regulate food business operations to ensure the presentation of wholesome edibles for public consumption in the state, planned to double her efforts to monitor/inspect food business premises in the state,” the commissioner.

“Consequently, the use of Styrofoam for food services, storage, and other related usage in that State is also banned.”