Over 300 Inmates Found Held Without Trial in Kano Prison

The Kano State Police have uncovered a concerning situation at the Kurmawa Correctional Center, where over 300 inmates are being held without proper documentation or scheduled trial dates. This revelation came to light during an investigation conducted by the Kano State Police Duty Solicitors Scheme (PDSS) Advisory Committee, which is tasked with probing potential human rights violations within the state’s prison system.

Led by Kano State Commissioner of Police, Muhammad Hussaini Gumel, the committee conducted an unscheduled visit to the Kurmawa facility and found numerous inmates lacking official case files or any records of court appearances for extended periods.

Addressing reporters after the visit, Gumel emphasized that the committee was established to thoroughly investigate cases of human rights violations, document them, and forward them to the appropriate authorities for necessary action.

During the visit, an officer at the prison yard presented several inmates who have been awaiting trial for years at the Kurmawa Correctional Center. Shockingly, many of these inmates had no Case Diary or any criminal records on file at the prison.

“Some have no specific Courts they would be charged to, and their cases have no records in the Prison but have been there for many years.”

“Others uncovered languishing in the Prison without trial are those who lacked Legal Representation at the Court and, as such, they don’t go to Court, at all,” the officer said.

The committee pledged to present its findings promptly and ensure that those affected receive justice.