Osun Assembly Passes Bill Seeking To Increase Salary of Political Office Holders

The Osun State House of Assembly has approved a bill to increase the salary packages of certain political office holders in the state. Speaker Adewale Egbedun announced during Monday’s plenary session that the bill would be sent to Governor Ademola Adeleke for his assent.

The bill, titled “Osun State Public/Political Office Holders Reviewed Remuneration Package (Amendment No. 2) Bill 2024,” was introduced to the Assembly on April 30, 2024. It seeks to update the remuneration for political office holders, reflecting changes since the last salary review in 2007.

The Majority Leader and Ede North State Constituency representative, Kofoworola Adewunmi, presented the bill as a private member bill. In his presentation, Adewunmi highlighted the necessity of the revision, noting that the salaries had not been adjusted for nearly two decades, which has led to discrepancies and the need for an updated compensation structure.

Adewunmi explained that the bill aims to ensure fair and adequate compensation for political office holders, aligning their salaries with current economic realities. This revision is intended to enhance the welfare of political office holders and support their ability to effectively perform their duties.

The Assembly’s passage of the bill marks a significant step towards updating the compensation framework for political office holders in Osun State. If Governor Adeleke signs the bill into law, it will mark the first salary increment for these officials in 17 years, addressing long-standing concerns about the adequacy of their remuneration.

He said the salaries stipulated for public office holders in the Osun State Public/Political Office Holders Remuneration Package Law 2007 was, however, no more in tandem with the current economic realities.

“You will agree with me that the current economic reality is not the same as what was obtainable 17 years ago when the law was passed.”

“It has, therefore, become imperative to review upwards, the salaries of some public/political office holders to better their living standard which is in tandem with the five points agenda of Governor Ademola Adeleke.”

“In addition, the State Assembly resolution taken on May 8, 2008 wherein there was an upward review of the remuneration package of some public/political office holders not covered by Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, as proposed by the state government, has been further reviewed and subsumed under this bill.” he stated

The lawmaker, however, clarified that the salary increment didn’t affect or cover the lawmakers’ salaries, explaining that state lawmakers’ salaries are statutorily reviewed by the National Assembly.