Orosanye’s Report: Zulum Asks President To Make Army University Conventional Institution

Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum, expressed concerns over the proposed merger of the Army University with the Nigerian Defence Academy, citing potential setbacks to the government’s efforts to address the high rate of out-of-school children in the state. Speaking to journalists after a meeting with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Abuja, Governor Zulum highlighted the importance of maintaining the Army University as a standalone institution rather than integrating it with another.

While acknowledging the cost-saving benefits of the merger plan, Governor Zulum emphasized the significance of preserving the Army University as a conventional educational institution. He underscored the positive impact the university has had on promoting education and stimulating economic activities in southern Borno, cautioning against depriving the region of essential educational resources.

Governor Zulum pledged to compile a comprehensive report on the matter and present it to the President for further consideration and action. His stance reflects a commitment to safeguarding educational opportunities and fostering development in Borno State amidst evolving policy discussions at the national level.

Recall that the federal executive council had on the twenty six of February, 2024 implemented recommendation of the Stephen Orosanye’s report which suggested merging and scrapping of some government agencies.