Oil Theft: Equatorial Guinea Arrests Vessel With Nigerian Stolen Oil

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The MV HEROIC IDUN, a supertanker detained by Equatorial Guinean authorities for suspected crude oil theft in Nigeria, is reportedly on its way back to the nation, according to the Nigerian Navy.

This is because the Navy stated that it was looking into the vessel’s operations.

The vessel and her crew fled from Nigeria’s AKPO oilfield when its actions were discovered by Nigerian Navy agents, and they were captured on August 7 by the Central African nation.

The Nigerian Navy’s spokeswoman, Adedotun Ayo-Vaughan, announced that the ship is returning to Nigeria for more inquiry.

He said after the investigation is complete, the office of the attorney-general of the federation (AGF) will determine whether or not the vessel and its crew will be prosecuted by the federal government.

“Nigerian is going to investigate her conduct and if culpable necessary steps will be taken,” he said.

“The ship is coming back to Nigeria for investigation, the issue of prosecution is with the office of the HAGF.”

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited shad in September said it loses $700 million every month as a result of oil theft and vandalism at terminals.

NNPC had said the pipelines — particularly those around the Bonny oil export terminal — cannot be operated due to the activities of oil thieves and pipeline vandals.

In September, the federal government said it had arrested 210 suspected oil thieves.